Susan B. Kietzman


I’m fascinated with the everyday. There’s a story everywhere, and it’s often deeper than it appears. Writing novels is, in part, like sweeping a magnifying glass over a breakfast table or office desk, a conversation in a car or a midnight swim; it’s a brief examination of a moment in time or a closer look at a pressing question. Perspective, too, intrigues me, how one character can see an event easily and clearly in a certain way while another holds a drastically different opinion.

I’ve published five books with Kensington Publishing: The Good Life, A Changing Marriage, The Summer Cottage, Every Other Wednesday, and It Started in June. My sixth book is about the unlikely friendship of an old woman and a teenager trying to overthrow a nursing home despot in order to restore dignity to the marginalized residents. And my seventh novel, in progress, is a look at the danger of gender stereotyping. My next novel will focus on white privilege. I like to plan ahead.

Over the years, I’ve written for newspapers and magazines, for corporations and non-profits. I’ve taught English at two community colleges and written grants for Mystic Seaport Museum. I started writing fiction when my three boys were young, before they awoke, before the demands of the day. I’m still an early riser. Coffee first. Writing next.

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